Lexus Sam — a Psychological Thriller

A nameless man wakes in a stranger’s life. A lost love is found — but they had never met. A doctor’s cure supplants truth with possibility.

Memories of the past occur in the present. Predictions in paradox. Murder.

This is the story of Adam Williams, this is the story of Lexus Sam.

Lexus Sam is a psychological thriller by BP Gallucci that challenges the reader. A page-turner. A film noir on the printed page.

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Read what literary critics, bloggers, and other authors have said about BP Gallucci’s psychological thriller, Lexus Sam:

“BP Gallucci is a first time novelist but be assured–you will hear from him again.  In Lexus Sam, he presents an intriguing question:  what, exactly, is reality as we mere mortals define it?  This novel blends the mundane with the existential and challenges the reader on several levels.” — Nancy Kilpatrick, author The Power of the Blood series, editor Danse Macabre

“Fragmented like the mind of Lexus Sam, this is a scary, circular journey into memory, where past, present and future fuse, leaving us with questions on the causality of and connection between amnesia and prediction”  — Shane Joseph, author Paradise Revisited.

“Lexus Sam was a page-turner from beginning to end and one that I will be highly recommending to everyone. I’m also looking forward to more of BP Gallucci’s work in the future.” — BookBagLady blog, full article here.

“An intriguing debut about a fractured life forcibly glued back together, with the edges cracked and jagged, pieces missing here and there… Gallucci builds a remarkable amount of tension in seemingly banal scenes, layering images and psychological states that at times perfectly recreate Lexus’ mind.” — Kirkus Reviews, full article here.

Pick up your paperback or eBook copy of this psychological thriller through Amazon (US) or (Cdn), as well as Indigo and Barnes&Noble.


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